WeCycle Pilot Program

Every minute, over 2 million disposable masks are thrown away. In some areas this potentially hazardous waste litters our streets, our beaches, our rivers, and we are afraid to clean up this litter because of the infectious risk. When disposed of properly the large influx of this waste has overwhelmed our waste management facilities and our landfills. But what can be done with such “medical waste”?

Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas partnered with CauseLabs to do research, explore options and pilot a recycling program. Using TeraCycle’s Zero Waste boxes for medical waste, Texas Wesleyan’s WeCycle team hosted events and engaged students to recycle their disposable masks. The following members have taken the pledge and as a group, we have raised awareness around the growing issue. We want to thank all of our participants, those who took the pledge, those who attended events, those who took surveys, those who are already using washable, reusable masks, and those who contributed to our research and data gathering throughout this program. It is a solvable problem. Though it is a challenge that requires consumer and citizen awareness and advocacy.

WeCycle Press Releases

Wesleyan Flame – Texas Wesleyan newsletter

Rambler – School newspaper. 

WeCycle Members: 51

Meet the WeCycle Team:

  1. Gabriel Bennett
  2. Michael Williams
  3. Joshua Rule
  4. James Kerr

Pledge Members:

  1. Augustus Aldonis
  2. Adel Atieh
  3. Travino Ayalla
  4. Savanna Barron
  5. Katie Baugh
  6. Tobi Bonifacio
  7. Leonard Bonus
  8. Jadarius Bryd
  9. Raul Caballero-Montes
  10. Taj Carden
  11. Angela Castillo
  12. Katrina Cole
  13. Christine Davis
  14. Chris Deal
  15. Gracie Driver
  16. Christian Espinoza
  17. Rebecca Finley
  18. Savannah Freeman
  19. Sheryle Gillihan
  20. Cayden Glasgow
  21. Emily Guerrero
  22. Doremi Hejny
  23. Lindsey Hendricks
  24. Jordan Higgins
  25. Malarie Hogan
  26. Antwan Johnson
  27. Terri Kane
  28. Manuela Lee
  29. Laura Matt
  30. Mirandy McNeely
  31. Samiya Mohamed-Fawzy
  32. Mea Mohler
  33. Makenzie Moore
  34. Zeyuan Ni
  35. Nicholas Changarnier
  36. Neel Patel
  37. Izack Perez
  38. Luis Reyes
  39. Deandre Rucker
  40. Abigail Rueda
  41. Jennifer Sanchez
  42. Trent Sever
  43. Baylee Stautzenberger
  44. Sheryl Vu
  45. Nickolas Watters
  46. Jacob Williams
  47. Elsy Zaragoza